Select the Right Air Purifier

When a person is looking to purchase an air purifier there are some things that they should keep in mind. There are specific air purifiers for specific conditions so selecting the right air purifier unit is very important.

Identify the Problem

There are a number of things that can be making the air in the home unhealthy. It is important to identify the cause of the problem. Some common pollutants in the air include pet odors, cigarette smoke, dust, and mildew. There are other pollutants including microbes such as bacteria and germs that can make a person sick. Identifying the cause of the problem can help a person select the right asthma air purifier.

Room Size

It is important to select an air purifier to be large enough to maintain the air quality in the room. Size is very important when purchasing a purifying unit. The purifier should be able to filter the air in the volume for the room a few times an hour. The number of AHAM on the air purifier should be at least 10. This will allow it to filter the air in the entire room and not just a small portion.


There are many air purifiers that are powerful yet they are energy efficient. An air purifier is designed to constantly run in order to keep the quality of the air in the room pure. Since this device is going to be running all the time it is important that they are able to save energy. Look for the Energy Efficient Star logo when purchasing an air purifier to know that it will not use a lot of energy.

Noise Level

Since the air purifier is going to be running it is important to look for one that is not too loud. While some noise is expected no one wants to hear a loud motor running 24 hours a day. When the air is going through the purifying device is should not change direction. Look for an air flow filter that will not change the direction of the air as this will keep the noise level down. This will reduce the turbulence as well as the noise.
These are just some of the things to look for when purchasing an air purifier for home use. These tips will help a person find the right air purifying unit for their home and they will be able to breathe in clean air.